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Late Homework

Posted by math7 on February 26, 2006

The grader said, “monday will be the last day to turn in all late homework. After monday (if the prof. sends the email to everyone) no hw other than what is due will be graded.”

**Update: Wednesday is the last day to turn in late homework.


3 Responses to “Late Homework”

  1. Anonymous said

    im having trouble with the executable files, specifically permmean.exe. i run it, say “y” to whether i have the data file, and drag the data file into the program, and press enter. it then gives me an error msg “error 76 at pgm-ctr: 370.” does anyone kno how to get around that?

  2. math7 said

    Refer to the post “Problems running PERMMEAN.exe.” But basically you need to save the data file on the C:\ drive. So the file path is short (i.e., C:\data). Long file paths do not work is my experience.

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